Participate in this first-ever Canadian study to research the construction industry’s use of different labour suppliers. The $170 billion Canadian construction industry employs some 1.4 million people across Canada but on the horizon is an increasing labour shortage of tens of thousands of workers. 

This research study examines the issue of employing and retaining workers with barriers who are hired through temp labour agencies. The study has two parts: 

Phase 1) Site Supervisors take a quick survey to give feedback about workers on their job site. 

Phase 2) Various players in the construction industry answer questions about social procurement in construction. Sign up (xx) if you would like to receive a questionnaire and share your experience.  

Phase 1: Quick Survey for Site Supervisors 

The study asks about your observations as a site supervisor and the performance of different workers. Workers come to the job site from different labour suppliers and these questions ask you to rate each worker under your supervision completing various acts of construction. For each worker a new survey has to be completed.