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Measuring the Benefits of Social Procurement in the Canadian Construction Industry

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Dr. Peter Hall
Professor, Urban Studies Program
Associate Dean, FASS
Simon Fraser University

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Why study social procurement in labour supply?

This research promotes understanding of the social value benefits to communities where construction spending takes place. The benefit of this research to Canada’s construction industry includes better understanding the costs and benefits of diversifying work forces. This research also assists industry and government in efforts to measure the benefits of social value in construction. Special emphasis on examining how social procurement policy leverages the billions in public infrastructure projects in our communities. 

Possible benefits of this research to your organization is that it will provide feedback on perceived and real productivity levels of workers sourced from different labour supply streams. This will contribute to better informed hiring practices, and increased knowledge of measuring productivity on job sites.  For employment agencies, training programs and worker centres, the research can improve policies and practices with regards to workers facing barriers to securing longterm employment in construction.

Measuring the impact of social procurement policies on Canadian construction projects.

Social Enterprise labour suppliers

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Workers and their families

Social benefits go beyond wages with improved worker health, improved self-esteem, reducing child and family poverty, healthy communities, with wages recirculating in the local economy.


Construction Companies

Construction companies across Canada are employing temp workers from social enterprise and market suppliers. Often providing employee supports without the necessary resources to turn temp workers into permanent hires.

Tendering & Bidding

“Research can assist in the development of strong, practical and flexible performance measurements, monitoring and assurance frameworks (based on qualitative and quantitative measures) linked to successful bid requirements.” (A. Raiden, M. Loosemore, A.Kingand C. Gorse)

“There appears to be an unprecedented opportunity for the built environment to leave a more positive legacy in the communities in which it operates. However, research reveals a slow uptake of the ideals and practices on social value and a whole array of barriers which prevent  this from happening.”

Social Value in Construction (Routledge, 2019)

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